Cat & Cam

Cat and Cam are a team who love sharing the history, creativity and fun of lindy hop with students all over the world.
Get ready to laugh your pants off whilst swingin’ the frig out! With 25 years combined teaching experience between them and a similarly ridiculous sense of humour, Cat and Cam are dedicated to helping their students improve and to working to a high standard, whilst not taking themselves too seriously. After teaching for the first time together in 2014, they have not looked back!

They love social dancing. They love throwing the hell down Whitey’s Lindy Hoppers style at 300bpm. They love teaching, helping people discover new talents and achieve their perceived impossibles. Most of all, they love making bad jokes. Also Jungle Speed (the greatest game ever). They love that too.

Cat and Cam recently won the Fast and Furious division at London Swing Festival, took first place in the Strictly Lindy at Chase Festival in Heidelberg, Germany, and made the finals in the Classic Showcase at the International Lindy Hop Championships in Washington, DC.

Cat Foley is a Lindy Hop and Authentic Jazz dancer, teacher and performer based in the United Kingdom.
Cat has been Lindy hopping since 2005. After teaching in her University scene and locally in Newcastle, Cat moved back to Liverpool and established Mersey Swing and remains creative director of this fast growing scene.

Cat is currently London based, working with Swing Patrol teaching solo jazz and lindy hop and travelling worldwide to teach with her dance partner Cam Mitchell. She is an actor and theatre maker, working with ‘Swing Sister Swing’ on brand new narrative swing dance works, and has a one woman show ‘The Wallflower, which uses the partnered nature of swing dance to address social exclusion. Cat’s improv comedy experience with Impropriety, and theatre background bring extra life to her teaching and performing.

Known for her infectiously fun style, Cat wears her heart on her sleeve and strives to bring out individuality, positivity and energy from her students. Laughter really is the best medicine.

Cam Mitchell is one of the most energetic and playful Lindy Hoppers to come out of Australia, and was lucky enough to find Lindy Hop in 2001.

With a strong passion for the social dance floor, Cam is constantly challenging himself (and his partner) for innovation and creativity and is always excited to see what comes out of the next dance.

Cam has taught all over his native land Australia and across the world including workshops and classes in Germany, France, Norway, Sweden, Ireland, The UK, Spain, Portugal, The Netherlands, Switzerland and Hungary (at the Famous Lindy Shock in Budapest).

He places a strong focus on body movement, rhythm, creativity and history (and of course fun!) in all his classes and is bound to leave an impression!