September 21-23, 2018

September 21-23, 2018

Copenhagen, Denmark

The Swing Challenge

is a combined workshop and party weekend, that aims to challenge the way you think about rhythm, musicality and movement, and teach you how to apply this to your Lindy Hop. The event aims to create a friendly atmosphere, where participants feel at home. At the same time, the event strives to provide an inspiring and creative learning environment, by providing world class dance instructors and live music!


Lindy Hop levels


Solo Jazz level






Registration is now open!

Class Pass Only option available

If you only want to do classes and not participate in the parties, you can now do so. Just send us an email to
This option is not available through our registration form on the website.

  • Price in Euro:
    ≈ 155 €

  • Gives access to:

  • - 3 great parties
  • - main classes on Saturday & Sunday
  • - daytime & evening concept classes
  • Price in Euro:
    ≈ 80 €

  • Gives access to:

  • - 3 great parties
  • - evening concept classes
  • Price in Euro:
    35 €

  • Gives access to:

  • - 1 party on Friday/Saturday
  • - 1 evening concept class on Friday/Saturday

General rules of the event

  • When you check in to the event, you will get a wristband. Please wear it through the whole event. We cannot grant you access to parties and/or classes if you don't have the wristband on.
  • By participating at our event, you give us consent that we can use and publish photos and videos from the event, which might include you.
  • If you want to record a video or take pictures during classes, ask for teachers' permission first.
  • We do not take responsibility for your valuables at the event. Please make sure to keep an eye on your things. In case you lose something, we will have a Lost&Found box, where we will store all found items for two weeks after the event.
  • We reserve the right to change the class schedule or evening schedule due to unforeseen events such as flight delay, sickness, accidents etc., which might cause that some of our teachers, bands and DJs will come to the event later than planned, or will not be able to come at all (in which case we will do our best to find good substitutes for them).

Payment options

You can pay online with your credit card. All payments are processed securely by PayPal. You don't need a PayPal account to pay. You can choose to pay directly by entering you credit card info, like in any online shop. Read more here.

Confirmation of ticket purchase

Once you have made a registration to the event, you will get a booking confirmation. This booking confirmation does however not mean your registration is accepted. Your registration is only accepted once you have payed, at which point you have secured your spot. Thus, your proof of purchase is your PayPal receipt, which you receive from PayPal after you have payed.

When you check in, we will have your name in the door, but to be on the safe side, you can bring your PayPal receipt as your proof of purchase (either printed or in electronic version).

Cancellation policy

We do not offer refunds for purchased passes, no matter the circumstances. However, your pass is fully transferable, so you can give or sell it to another person (read more below). There is also no refunds of not used passes after the event, and they cannot be transferred to future events.

Ticket Transfer rules

If you cannot attend the event yourself, you can transfer your pass to someone else, under these conditions:

  • The person taking your place must be of the same role (leader or follower) as you are
  • If you are selling a Full Pass (including classes), the person taking your place must also be of the same dancing level as you are
    (Invitational Level: even if you have been accepted to the class, the new pass holder still needs to be verified by us to be able to join the class)
  • You can transfer your pass no later than Friday the 14th of September 2018
  • The transfer is only valid after you fill out the online form below where you notify us of the new pass holder:

Note: If you have a Full Pass or a Party Pass, you can only transfer the whole pass. You cannot give away parts of it to someone else. Once you have checked in to the event, your pass is not transferable anymore.

  Transfer Your Ticket

Class Schedule

You will get a total of 4 hours of daytime classes: 2 hours Saturday and 2 hours Sunday. In addition, you will have a selection of 2-3 level specific concept classes and an option of taking 2 open level evening taster classes.
For a total of up to 8-9 hours of classes during the weekend.


Workshop levels

Please read the level description before choosing the level. Our level division is most probably different than in your local school.

4 Lindy Hop levels:


  • You have danced for at least 6 months
  • You attend weekly classes regularly
  • You know basic Charleston, as well as basic 6-count and 8-count moves (including swingout & lindy circle)
  • You have no problem mixing between the different types of basic steps

Note: there will be no audition for this level


  • You have danced for at least 1-2 years
  • You attend weekly classes regularly
  • You often attend social dances / parties
  • Variations on classical moves like the Texas-tommy and classic 6-count moves are no problem for you
  • You know basic footwork variations like kick-ball change and swivels (followers)

NOTE: You will need to audition for this level.


  • You have danced for at least 2-4 years
  • You have been to multiple international events
  • You attend classes at the highest level in your hometown or even teach classes there.
  • Footwork variations are a part of your basic repertoire.

NOTE: You will need to audition for this level.


  • You have danced for at least 3-4 years or more
  • You have attended more international events than you can count
  • Your probably teach regularly
  • You can easily dance to tempos from 100 bpm to 240 bpm
  • You are not afraid to work on your pure basics

NOTE: You will need to audition for this level.

1 Solo Jazz level:


This level is for dedicated jazz dancers. You love solo dancing and have a big repertoire of both jazz and charleston moves. Learning routines is not a big problem for you, and you enjoy complex rhythms and movements.

NOTE: This track does not require a partner to sign up with.


Everyone is encouraged to join our fun competitions, regardless of dance experience. It's about having fun, and at the same time challenging yourself.

You can sign up for the competitions online or at the event,
if there are still available spots.

  Sign up for Competitions

We will have 4 competitions: 


This is a social dance Lindy Hop contest. You sign up without a partner, and you get a random partner in both prelims and finals. This competition is all about improvisation and lead/follow.

  • Level: open for all levels
  • Sign-up: without a partner
  • Prelims: all-skate format, with dancers judged as individuals
  • Finals: Jam style, followed by all-skate, with dancers judged as couples (to live music)
  • When: Saturday Party (prelims 20.30, finals approx. 0.00)
  • Prizes: Party Passes to Swingin' Spring 2019, Amber Swing 2019 and TLV Autumn Hop 2018


This is a social dance Lindy Hop contest. You join the competition with a partner you choose, but without knowing the music beforehand.

  • Level: open for all levels
  • Sign-up: with a partner
  • Prelims: all-skate format, with dancers judged as couples
  • Finals: Battle format with dancers judged as couples. Four couples will make finals (to live music)
  • When: Saturday Party (prelims 21.00, finals approx. 0.10)
  • Prizes: Smokey Feet 2019 and CPH:LX 2019


This is a solo dance contest. You join the competition as an individual, and dance solo. You will not know the music beforehand.

  • Level: open for all levels
  • Sign-up: individually
  • Prelims: all-skate format, with dancers judged individually
  • Finals: Battle format with dancers judged individually. Four dancers will make finals (finals directly after prelims, to live music)
  • When: Friday Party (approx. 23.30), finals directly after prelims
  • Prizes: Cirque du Solo 2018 and The Swing Challenge 2019


This is a performance contest. You can dance any dance style you want in this competition, but your performance / routine must be max. 3 minutes long.

  • Level: open for all levels
  • Sign-up: Solo, one couple or multiple couples/dancers
  • Format: showcases will be performed one after another. We have space for max. 10 performances in our program.
  • When: Friday Party (approx. 22.15)
  • Prizes: Party Passes to The Swing Challenge 2019



2017 Highlights

Pictures from the event posted on our Facebook Page

Youtube Playlist with videos from the event


Feel free to contact us at anytime, by writing to

The Swing Challenge
Copenhagen, Denmark



The Swing Challenge is organized by Happy Feet Studio.
The organizers team consists of: Eiki, Kuno and Gosia.

The event has been created by Sanne Severinsen, who organized the first two editions (in 2014 & 2015).

In 2017, the event has changed its name from Copenhagen Swing Challenge to The Swing Challenge.